Hive Tournaments

Play your favorite Hive Games and win some amazing prizes!

Much fight, many compete.

What are Tournaments?

The Summer 2017 Tournament Season has ended! We will be back with more tournaments in the future.

Tournaments are a fun way to compete against others whilst playing your favorite games and also having a chance to win some amazing prizes! We will be having a different game each week and to be as fair as possible to more time zones than ever before, we will be having the same tournament on both Saturday and Sunday, just starting at different times (as shown above)

Tournaments will be held from until , and until . As such, each tournament lasts 6 hours. The countdown at the top of this page accurately counts down to the start of the upcoming tournaments.

This page is the only one you'll need to know to find out what's going on with anything regarding tournaments so make sure to save it!

How do I enter?

To take part, all you need to do is just play that specific game whilst the tournament is active and it will count anything you do towards the tournament leaderboard.

Tournament Rules

  • All Hive rules still apply.
  • You cannot win a top prize for the same game on both days. *
  • You cannot win both teams and solo prizes in games where both prize pools exist.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any player. **

  • *: We have 2 days to try be as fair as possible to more time zones than before. You can however, win the lower prize of getting in the top 100 (points/wins depending on the game, for your 5 lucky crates).

    **: This will almost always be due to a bad player history or mutes or bans, including alt accounts.