Hive Tournaments

Play your favorite Hive Games and win some amazing prizes!

Much fight, many compete.

What are Tournaments?

Tournaments are a fun way to compete against others whilst playing your favorite games and also having a chance to win some amazing prizes! To be as fair as possible it won’t be based on pushing the maximum amount of games you can play within the time limits - you will be able to play a limited amount of games per tournament.

Tournaments will be held from Friday 7 PM until Sunday 4 PM EDT. As such, each tournament lasts 32 hours. The big change for this season is that each game will be based on how well you do over a set amount of games. Meaning you can take your time while the tournament is active and not feeling like you have to play none stop.

The countdown at the top of this page accurately counts down to the start of the upcoming tournaments.

This page is the only one you'll need to know to find out what's going on with anything regarding tournaments so make sure to save it!

How do I enter?

To take part, all you need to do is just play that specific game whilst the tournament is active.

You will have 32 hours to complete 50 games, those games add up to your final score.

What can I win?

  • Top 3: Ultimate Christmas Bundle + all previous rewards
  • Top 10: Stocking Filler Pack + all previous rewards
  • Top 50: 25 LuckyCrates

  • Players who complete all 50 games will also receive an exclusive Christmas-themed trail.

    All participating players will receive 1 LuckyCrate.

    Should we need to contact you, our Community Manager Splodger1 will do so via a forum PM.

Tournament Rules

  • All Hive rules still apply.
  • You cannot win both teams and solo prizes in games where both prize pools exist.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any player. *
  • Entering with multiple account can lead to disqualification

  • *: This will almost always be due to toxicity, a bad player history, mutes or bans, including alt accounts.