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How to join our official Discord server

The following instructions are for those who play Hive on Minecraft: Java Edition. If you play Bedrock, click here!

You can join our Discord using our permanent invite link at:

To be able to participate in chats, you need to verify your in-game identity. To do this, you will need to contact [email protected] in order for us to manually update your Discord name and rank to match your Minecraft details. You will need to provide the following details in your email:

  • Your Minecraft username
  • Your Discord username (along with # and numbers)
  •  In-game screenshots that shows the account name (full screen/window, un-cropped)

After we update your Discord name and rank, and you decide to change your Minecraft name, you will need to inform us by sending us an email again so we can update your details!

This linking process is specific for Java players.

Need a Human?

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