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List of all in-game ranks

Regular Member - the default rank all new players receive to start off with.

Gold Member - the lowest tier premium package; lasts for one month.

Diamond Member - the middle tier premium package; lasts for three months.

Emerald Member - the lifetime premium package; lasts for the lifetime of the server.

Ultimate Member - the highest tier rank you can buy, lasts for the lifetime of the server.

VIPs (YouTubers, Streamers, and Contributors) - this rank is given to players who meet a certain set of criteria. These players tend to be YouTubers, Twitch streamers, community map builders, or former senior moderators/developers. More information on VIPs can be found here.

Hive Build Team - this rank is given to players who are a part of Hive's Build Team and who have built at least one map for The Hive. You can look at their website here, and you can apply to join the team here.

Moderator - this is a rank given to the type of Hive staff members known as Moderators. Moderators help out the server voluntarily by punishing rule-breakers, helping out community members, and handling any sort of questions the community may ask. The list of staff members can be found here.

Senior Moderator - this rank is given to Hive moderators who have excelled in their staff role. They are the go-to staff members who can help with more serious, specialist-required tasks such as handling punishment appeals.

Staff Manager - the staff manager is Marvin. He is in charge of handling all staff-related issues that are beyond senior moderator control. He is in charge of the hiring and firing of other staff members.

Community Manager - the community manager is Splodger1 and he is responsible for The Hive's partner program (YouTubers, streamers, etc.) as well as forwarding community feedback and processing bug reports and suggestions. He works closely with the rest of the team to ensure the community is running smoothly. He also handles forum administration tasks.

Developer - The Hive's developers are heyimblake, MylesDev, JoshJ1234,  _MylesC and Mintcraftian. They create the game-modes we play and experience, and the behind-the-scenes work that goes on. If you're interested in applying for Developer, you can look here.

Hive Team - the core team of The Hive; with different departments that focuses on specific things such as staff management, map building, 3D modelling, Bedrock Marketplace, costumer support, and many more.

Owner - the owners are b0xx3r, JollyajaX, and ClankStar. They own the Hive and all its services and are in charge of basically everything that goes on. They select the maps that are played, the game-modes that are on the Hive, and how everything looks and the concept behind it.

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