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A short guide on how to play Trouble in Mineville

If you are visiting this page because you are currently banned in Trouble in Mineville, then please read-on to avoid getting future, larger bans.

The most likely reason you received the ban is by killing other innocents, whilst you were also the innocent role. 

It's important that you don't just keep guessing and killing random people (this is known as RDM) and you should be aware that every map has a special place where you can get people to go into a tester and find out the truth that way!


If you are an Innocent it is your job to survive. There will be between 4 and 6 traitors who will try their best to kill you! Investigate and find out who they are! The detectives are you friends, try your best to protect them! When all traitors are dead the Innocents win the game. But be careful - If you kill a fellow innocent you will lose karma and others might think you are a traitor!

- Innocents and detectives win the game when no traitors are left.


Your job is to eliminate all innocents and detectives. Traitors see each others' names in red, and the names of innocents in green, detectives are blue. You can earn Traitor Points for killing innocents, which you can spend in the Traitor Shop. But be careful! The innocents and detectives will try their best to find you. Being a successful traitor is a fine art that takes a while to develop.

- Traitors win the game when no innocents and detectives are left.


Mister Sherlock! You have the ability to check who killed someone. If you right-click a zombie with your stick you will be given a death report. Remember to always be careful - Traitors might trick you and pretend to be an innocent!

- Detectives and innocents win the game when no traitors are left.

The Traitor Tester

Every map has a Traitor Tester, a small white contraption with a button in the back of it and lights on the front. When you enter this machine, right click the button inside. If you are innocent, the redstone lamps will stay off. If you are traitor and you enter it, the lights will go on.

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