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TeamSpeak Information, Rules and Guide

If you already have TeamSpeak installed click HERE to join the server

The TeamSpeak IP is:

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak is a free program which allows users from all over the world to connect and talk together, so basically Skype but a lot better.

You can get TeamSpeak 3 here for free here

General Rules

  • No music - Please do not play music so that other people in your channel can hear it. As most users do not want to hear loud unwanted music.
  • Microphone - If you have a Microphone that is bad quality, please make sure it is on push to talk or at least mute your Microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Voice changers - We do not allow any voice changers on the Hive TeamSpeak.
  • Private channels - Do not join private channels unless you are invited. This applies for both Premium and General Private channels. Non-premiums are not allowed in the premium Private channels.
  • Avatars - Do not have any racist or offensive avatars. (That includes nudity and foul language) Do not have pictures of other people in your avatar.
  • Language - You are welcome to speak any language you want unless the channel has a specified language. "Please try to speak the language that the room started with (In other words: please don't join an already active room and speak another language.)"
  • Spam - Please do not spam in the chat or in messages/pokes. If a Mod doesn't respond to a message wait for a bit, if you still don't get a response just message another Mod.
  • Links - Do not send any phishing (or any harmful link) or inappropriate links (Porn websites, screamers)
  • Speech rules - Do not scream into your Mic, turn your Mic sensitivity up or make any loud and unwanted sounds.
  • AFK/Idle - Do not go AFK/Idle in channels (unless it is the AFK channel) If you plan to go away/idle for 5 minutes+ please join the AFK channel. This includes muting your sound for more than 5 minutes. If you have been moved out of a channel for idling DO NOT move back!
  • Reports and Appeals - Do not ask any Staff members to read your appeals or reports (they will get around to dealing with it). You can however, ask Mods for help with your appeal if you do not understand the guidelines.
  • Channel hopping - Do not constantly switch between channels, you will be able to see the people in the channels.
  • Trolling - Do not troll any users or Staff. Do not attempt to trick anyone into giving you stuff or trick anyone into breaking the rules.

Breaking any of these rules will result in you being punished.

If you see anyone break the rules message a Mod. Make sure to check the Mods Available channel before messaging anyone else. If there are no Mods in that channel then message Mods that are in other channels.

Nickname Rules

  • They should be your IGN or name.
  • They must not contain any foul language.
  • They must not contain any special characters like "!" or "#".
  • They must not contain any letters or characters that will make you further up the channel.
  • They must not contain any special characters that change the height of your name.
  • Do not change your name constantly.
  • Do not impersonate any Staff, VIP, YouTuber or other players. (This includes putting [Mod], [VIP] etc in your name.)


  • Owner = Bee
  • TS Admin = TeamSpeak Logo
  • Staff Manager = Book
  • Developer = Floppy disk
  • Sr.Mod = Gold Pickaxe
  • Mod = Iron Pickaxe
  • Team Nectar Architect = Honey pot
  • Team Nectar = Honey pot
  • Friend = Apple
  • VIP = Golden Apple
  • Emerald = Emerald
  • Diamond = Diamond
  • Gold = Gold ingot
  • Muted = Egg (You do not want this)