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In-Game Command Reference

Available commands are divided into three groups:

  • Global: Commands usable from any server, at any time
  • Framework: Commands usable in every minigame
  • Minigame-specific: Commands usable in the specified minigame.

Some commands get upgraded over time: for instance, a new SG command can eventually end up as a command usable in all of our games.

Global Commands

  • /friend: Base command for access to our friends system. Typing this command alone will open the full command reference in-game.
  • /globalping: Current ping to our Minecraft server. Please note that this number is constantly changing due to both client- and server-side load, and will be higher than your "base ping".
  • /hub: Go back to the hub.
  • /whereami: Returns the name of the server you are currently in.
  • /tweet: Base command for in-game Twitter.

Framework Commands

Note: some commands are planned for all games, but not yet available. These are prefixed with the currently available minigames.

  • /mute
    /unmute [username]: Mute or unmute the specified player
  • /chatreport [username]: Returns a link to the chatlog of the specified player.
  • /help: Returns an up-to-date in-game command reference.
  • /list: Returns a list of the players online in your current server.
  • /records [username]: Returns the statistics of the specified player from the current minigame.
  • /togglerank: Sets whether or not your name is colored in-game.
  • /muteall: Mutes or unmutes all players, except staff.

Minigame-specific Commands

Survival Games

  • /fix: Fixes any ghosting and rubber banding issues.
  • /scramble
    /unscramble: Scramble or unscramble all your statistics.
  • /timeleft: Get how much time there is left until deathmatch.

Trouble in Mineville

  • /role: In warmup, select your role.
  • /shop: As a traitor or detective, open or use the shop.
  • /traitorchat: As a traitor, type in the traitor chat.

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