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Keeping your Minecraft account SAFE

We will NEVER add you on Discord, Skype or PM you on the forums to ask you to click links, accept files, or tell us your password.

  • NEVER CLICK LINKS (Even if you think it's an owner/mod/friend)
  • NEVER ACCEPT FILES (Even if you think it's an owner/mod/friend)

There is NO such thing as a special link to get unbanned beyond appealing on our forums with THIS LINK OR if you are in the VERY rare situation of having an account banned from BEFORE WE HAD MUTES on the server you can go HERE. 

Be aware of FAKE Discord/Skype accounts pretending to be owners/mods/friends.

DO spread the word of this article so people stay SAFE! (Even if they don't play on the Hive)

Logging in to our websites

The Hive has several websites for the community that require you to verify identity by entering your Minecraft Details, the sites are:

  • (or /login report when in our server)
  • (or /login discordwhen in our server)

All of these websites are secured by top of the line security, as can be verified by the small lock icon in Firefox:

or the big green bar in Chrome:

(Other browsers may vary how they show this information)

Our website is protected by 128 bit encryption, and the website's identity is validated by an SSL certificate issued by Comodo, one of the worlds leading Internet Security providers. Any details entered at are safe.

Protecting yourself from phishing links

We are aware of a number of users attempting to steal players' account details by means of confidence tricks and phishing links. Please follow the information in this article to ensure that you aren't caught out.


The first and most common method for these users trying to steal details is by contacting players via the fake Discord accounts.

If you notice a Discord friend request or a message from a name you recognize, check the official Hive Discord and click their profile to make sure their real discriminator (the four numbers in their ID) match the discriminator of the person who added you.

Only ever accept Discord friend requests from players that you know. NEVER accept files via Discord/Skype from ANYONE. Similarly, do NOT click or other short links unless you are absolutely certain that the user posting them is legitimate.

Discord recently added a feature that allows you to generate a QR code to authorize a login into your Discord account. This can be abused to allow logins into your account if you scan a QR code that a player gives you. If you get a message from anyone asking you to scan a QR code, please ignore it and block them and report the player to a member of our staff team.


The second method is random forum users sending links and private messages via our forums.

These users sometimes end a private message with one of a number of common messages. We are currently aware of the following:

  • The user congratulates you on becoming a moderator, or asks you whether you want to become a moderator and asks you to download a program and login with your Minecraft password, or login to a website with your Minecraft password. The links/files are usually named something like "hive-staff.exe" or "Staff Panel"
  • The user claims that you are going to be banned for an offense such as disrespecting an owner, spam, foul language etc, and tells you to login to a website with your Minecraft password to not be banned. The links/files are usually named something like "hive-bans.exe" or "Hive Ban Panel"
  • The user sends a link to the Optifine website claiming that you can claim a free optifine cape by logging in with your Minecraft password
  • The user sends a link to the Minecraft website claiming that you can claim your 1.8 username by logging in with your Minecraft password
  • The user claims to be from the Hive Shop, offering discounts on products and sends you a false PayPal account.


Entering your details into these programs or links WILL lead to your Minecraft account being stolen along with any other accounts that use the same email and password and potentially leave other programs running on your computer.

Another easy way to spot these is to keep an eye on the quality of English used. Most of the users sending these links do not speak English as a first language and lack basic spelling and grammar in their messages. 

If you have received any of these private messages/downloaded the file already, run a virus scan immediately, change all of your passwords to all of your accounts (email, Discord, Minecraft, Facebook, YouTube, banking, etc.) and delete and block the user. If you see these links on the forums, use the "Report" functionality to alert the staff team immediately.

Need a Human?

Did this article not help with your issue? We have dedicated support that can answer any specific questions relating to accounts and purchases.

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