Help and Support

Using more than one PaySafeCard (PSC) to buy premium

As we know you can't combine PSC cards in Germany, what you can do is make 2 separate transactions totaling each PSC card each time (buying anything) and when this is done you can email [email protected] with your Minecraft name and we will check the total you have spent and give you your Membership.

So for example if you want an Emerald Membership. Go to the store. Add anything to the basket that totals (50€) then after that add anything else to a total of (25€), write an e-mail with your Minecraft name, from then we will look at the purchases and fix your membership.

Note: You DO NOT need to buy pets etc if you have the right combination of PaySafeCards to buy what you want. If you can buy it with just one card, do this instead!