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How do I get VIP?

VIP is a rank given to users that are friends of, or have helped The Hive. To be eligible to apply, you must meet the criteria defined below.

The VIP rank has the same permissions as all premium ranks but also allows nicknaming, so YouTubers and Twitch streamers can play without being followed or targeted.

It is important to note that fulfilling the criteria does not guarantee you VIP status, but rather it means you are eligible to apply. VIP ranks are given out at the discretion of the Hive Team, and by the Hive Team only. VIP is different to a premium rank. Premium ranks are available on our store, VIP ranks will never be sold nor will we ever ask for your password. If someone attempts to sell you VIP, it is a scam and should be avoided.

What types of VIP are there?

  • YouTuber: Given out to players that receive VIP for making YouTube videos (option 1 and/or 2 below)
  • Streamer: Given out to players that stream on The Hive (option 3 below)
  • Contributor: Given out to players that have helped The Hive in some way. This includes retired Senior Moderators, makers of helpful Hive tools/apps/websites, and more. You can NOT apply for this type of VIP.
  • Team Nectar: Given out to eligible Team Nectar members (option 4 below)

There are no differences in abilities between VIP ranks: names are purely cosmetic. Players that received VIP before our December 2017 Rank Update will be on the generic "VIP" rank. Over time, we will categorize existing VIPs in the above categories, which will reflect in their in-game rank.

Criteria to be eligible for VIP

  • Option 1: Have at least 25,000 subscribers and do regular Hive Videos
  • Option 2: Get at least 3,000 views per video and do 2 videos on The Hive each week
  • Option 3: Stream on Twitch and regularly get 300+ concurrent viewers
  • Option 4: Be in Team Nectar and obtain the builder rank
  • Option 5: Be a friend of the server (this is limited to close personal friends)
  • Option 6: Owner discretion. While 99% of the time it will be for one of the above reasons, the owners reserve the right to give anyone VIP whom they choose.

How to Apply

Only IF you meet the criteria above, then you may send an email to [email protected] with the subject "VIP Application".

Please include information, such as:

  • A link to your channel (YouTube/Twitch)
  • Your Minecraft IGN
  • Other information relevant to the application

The Hive reserves the right to decline an application, even if the criteria is met. We aim to reply to all applications as soon as possible, but this can take a while as all are hand-reviewed.

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