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How do I become a moderator / staff?

We're always accepting moderator (staff) applications. It is not possible to apply for the senior moderator rank or any other non-moderator rank.

Please note that we will never randomly contact users about available staff ranks. If you received a message on Skype, Twitter or any other platform asking for your login details, this is a scam attempting to steal your account.

How to Apply

Find more info here HERE. Please make sure you fully read the form and FAQ below, so you know what to expect from our process.

After applying

Please do not ask moderators any questions about the status of your application, as they have no access to this information.

You will have recieved an email that gives you more information including expected wait time. Please note, due to the large volume of applications we can't reply to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I applied for mod, when will I hear back?
We will get a LOT of applications and it's just not  possible to reply to everyone. Only successful applications will hear  from me. Please read JUST above to be SURE it's me messaging you and not  a fake account.

Q: Do I need to send in reports on to get accepted?
Reporting people isn't everything when it comes to moderating but it certainly doesn't hurt your chances.

Q: How long are applications open for?
We have no set time frame for this.

Q: Can I ask mods or any staff how my application is going or how to get accepted?
NO. They do not know how your application is going, asking any staff in game or elsewhere will may actually hurt your chances.

Q: I applied on the old application form do I have to apply again?
Yes. We have added many new questions since the previous  application form to help us find the best applicants. Any applications  on the old application form will not be contacted from now on.

Q: If I get accepted, What happens next?
IF you are accepted for an interview you will be contacted via email and added on Discord.
From there we will interview on Discord or the Hive Teamspeak (

Q: Do you have a minimum age to apply?
We are ideally looking for moderators who are 16+ years old.  If you are under this you can still apply proving you aren't under 13  years old (if you are, we would legally have to delete your application)

Q: I don't have a premium rank on the Hive, can I still apply?
Yes! We are interested in getting the best people regardless of in-game rank.

Q: I have been punished on the server before, will this effect my application?
It really depends on the specific punishment. The best thing to do is apply and be as honest as you can.

Q: What if I change my username? Do I have to apply again?
Nope! As long as you enter your UUID correctly I will still  be able to find you and contact you if your application is successful.

Q: Can I apply multiple times?
If you have since submitted reports or have other relevant info you want to add you can re-apply.

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