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I've applied to be a moderator, now what?

First of all, we understand you are excited and eager to help The Hive, and that's great! 

Our moderator applications are extremely popular and we receive literally thousands of applications within the months of them been open, it's impossible to be able to reply to everyone so you will only receive a reply if you are successful.  We know you are eager to find out either way but the best thing to do is just to continue being a good example to the community and reporting people the normal way just as you usually would. 

When we look at applications we love to see engaged members of the community in every aspect, even still please understand there is no magic way to get moderator, and we only accept so many people so don't take it personally if you don't receive a reply. 

Please note: Asking mods in the server or anywhere else will NOT help you get a response.

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