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How to change your forum name

Ever since Mojang implemented name changes, we've had a huge increase in requests for forum name changes. because of this, we've automated the process of changing your forum username.

A few notes (as also mentioned during the actual process):

  • You can only change TO your CURRENT Minecraft username. No exceptions.
  • You will have to link your forum and Minecraft accounts first.
  • You can't change to existing forum usernames. Owning a Minecraft username does NOT entitle you to that forum username. If a very old/inactive account exists with your username, you can contact a forum administrator to request that username. This is NOT a guarantee and the decision made by the forum administrator will be final.
  • Your previous username will be immediately available for registration by another user. Don't use this for temporary changes.
  • Both your forum and Minecraft username have to be allowed according to the HiveMC rules. Breaking these rules may lead to actions against your accounts.
  • You can use this tool as often as you change your Minecraft username. Please note that we can't guarantee the availability of any forum username.

Click HERE to change your forum username.