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What are the in-game rules?

There are the rules that we've defined to help keep things sweet! Detailed explanations of each rule are further down the article.

If you are looking to report a rule-breaker, please read this article.

The Rules


  • Do not use hacked clients or mods
  • Do not spam chat, or use all caps
  • Do not swear or use foul language
  • Do not troll other players
  • Do not disrespect other players
  • Do not advertise
  • Do not exploit glitches
  • Do not abuse your premium rank
  • Do not sell your account or friend slots
  • Do not team with hackers
  • Do not be racist

The DO'S:

  • Do respect our staff members
  • Do follow each games specific rules
  • Do have fun and be friendly to one another

Do not use Hacked Clients or Mods

Do not use hacked or gameplay changing clients/mods. If we have enough evidence of you using hacks on our server, you will be banned. The length of the ban depends on the situation.

Mods such as Optifine are deemed okay to use, as they do not give you an in-game advantage. We have a full list of mods that are allowed/disallowed here.

Do not spam chat, or use ALL CAPS

Spam of any type is not permitted on The Hive. An example of this is sending 3 of the same message consecutively within the space of a few seconds. Spam also covers "garbage" messages (mashing the keyboard), using excessive amounts of punctuation in a message or single lines of all one number/letter/symbol.

Here are some examples of "spam" messages:

  • HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jhdfkjhfsdhjk
  • 1111111

or as another example, sending these messages consecutively would also be considered spam:

  • Hi
  • Hey?
  • Hellooooooooo?
  • Hellooooooooo?

Do not swear or use foul language

Minecraft is a game that covers a wide range of ages, so we want to keep our chat family friendly. Swearing is not tolerated and may result in you being muted, this includes using abbreviations such as "fk" or "omfg". What is considered swearing is up to the staff teams discretion.

This rule also covers in-game names. If your characters name includes a rude word or is deemed offensive, you shall be banned until the name is changed.

Private messages (parties and friend chat) are not bound by these rules. We consider these types of messages "opt-in" as you have invited/added someone. If someone is being rude to you on  your friends list, or is in your party - you can simply remove them.

Do not troll other players

Trolling can take on many forms, and can affect the gameplay of other players. Some examples are, but are not limited to:

  • Tricking other players to leave a lobby, or close their Minecraft client
  • Purposefully stall a game from ending, by ignoring the objective
  • Pretending to be a staff member
  • Pretending you have hacks
  • Threatening users with DDoS attacks, even if "joking".

Do not advertise

You may not advertise any website/links that are not the Hive forums, YouTube videos of Hive content or Livestreams of Hive gameplay. Advertising other Minecraft servers is prohibited. You may however, advertise your YouTube or Twitch channel once every 30 minutes.

No Exploiting Glitches

No exploiting any sort of glitches which are not meant to be in the map or plugin. This may include glitches such as getting outside the map. These affect gameplay, and if you are caught doing so, will be punished. The punishment may range from being kicked from the game, to being banned from our servers. This includes using glitches in Survival Games Deathmatch, such as using cakes or cobwebs to escape the main arena.

No Abuse of your Premium Rank

Leaving and rejoining a game repeatedly to kick out other users or help a non-premium friend join is against out rules, and you will be punished if caught.

No player disrespect

Player disrespect is saying disrespectful phrases after killing another player, winning a game, winning a team fight or any other player-versus-player encounter. These phrases include, but are not limited to, "eZ", "rekt", "learntoplay" and "get 10 hearted".

The Hive hosts players from across the globe, from many different countries, religions and races. As such, discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. We will not allow; racism, sexism, ageism, remarks about disabilities or religion, or any other types of discrimination. Punishment for offences of this sort will be severe.

No selling of accounts or friend slots

Never offer to sell your Minecraft accounts or friends slots to people. This is against Minecraft's End-Use-License-Agreement.

Respect our Staff 

This means you can't keep challenging them in the hub! Take it politely to the forums...RESPECTFULLY making your case. If you believe a moderator is breaking the rules or misusing their permissions, collect evidence and contact a Senior Moderator. 

If you believe a Senior Moderator is breaking the rules or misusing their permissions, then collect evidence and contact BillWarlow (staff manager) on the forums.

Our staff do not get paid to moderate the servers, they have offered up their own free time to help out. Treat them the way you'd like to be treated.

No teaming with hackers

If you are found to be teaming with a hacker to gain an advantage in a game, you will be treated as if you yourself were hacking.

No racism

We have a zero tolerance rule against racism. This includes but is not limited to: chat, skins, profile pictures and names. 


Please use common sense and always try to be nice. If you are clearly being rude, pushing a rule/limit or thinking you have found a way around the rules please remember that we reserve the right to react accordingly. Actions from other places such as our forums, TeamSpeak or even social media may be brought into the decision if the actions on these services are considered detrimental to the community.