Snow Wars

Snow Way!

What is Snow Wars?

Snow Wars is our take on an all time classic, Turf Wars, with some additions to change things up a bit.

In Snow Wars, the goal is to gain and take as much territory as you can from the enemy team, you do this by shooting them with your one-shot-kill snowballs. In order to defend your territory, there are various points throughout the game that allow you to build up your defenses before battling once again!

Snow Wars Maps

  • Snowbear Workshop

    Team Nectar (Periks)
  • Gingerbread

    Team Necta
  • Train Station

    Team Nectar (_Tim)

Rules of The Game

  • 1

    Do not camp

  • 2

    Do not build inappropriate builds

  • These rules are in addition to the server-side Global Rules.

You can read those, here.

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