Go in solo or find a teammate, and battle in the SKY!

What is SkyWars?

The concept of SkyWars: Luck Off The Draw is simple: 12 players each spawn on their own island with a basic kit: wooden sword and enchanted stone tools. Every island has a few chests randomly filled with a mix of items.

The core to our version of SkyWars are the random ores which spawn within your island. Every ore is custom and gives you AWESOME stuff.

The Ores - What do they do?

XP Ore - Emerald

Gives you between 1-2 levels of experience drops and an equal amount of lapis lazuli.

Lucky Ore - Gold

Lucky(?) Ore! Drops 1-4 random items, ranging from useless to very useful, however, there's a 20% chance either a creeper or active TNT will spawn on you... ouch.

Health Ore - Redstone

Either gives you a extra heart, or takes one away from you.

Resource Ore - Iron

Drops handy materials for crafting, ranging from sticks and string, to iron ingots and diamonds.

Potion Ore - Lapis

Gives you a random potion effect for a random amount of seconds. Mining a second lapis ore will replace the previous effect!

Diamond Ore

Drops a guaranteed diamond level piece of gear.

The MysteryChest

The middle island not only features more ores and enchantment tables, it also features the Mystery Chest! This chest opens once every 3 minutes, for 30 seconds. Not only does it often contain strong weapons and potions, it also has unique items you can't craft or obtain yourself, like enderpearls and wolf spawn eggs!

SkyWars Maps

  • Eternity

    Team Nectar
  • 1 UP

    Team Nectar (Kaval)
  • Balloons

    Team Nectar (Dueces)
  • Blocks

    Team Nectar (RottenNugget)
  • Fruity

    Team Nectar (Nistune)
  • Possessed

    Team Nectar (Xoa)
  • Relic

  • Sakura

    Team Nectar (Musemat)
  • Spooky

    Team Nectar (Dueces)
  • Zen

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Divine

    Team Nectar (RubixCube, Emballina)
  • Bliss

  • Space

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Underwater

    Team Nectar (Xoa)
  • Jurassic

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Evergreen

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Aztec

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Festive

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Drill

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Drought

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Laboratory

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Shifty Tides

    Minimerch, Foxx, Sphere
  • Mossy

    Benjeeman, Rhompton
  • Arid

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Cannons

    Team Nectar (Timmetatsch)
  • Spire

    Team Nectar (Sphere + Effervescent)
  • Haven (Teams)

    Team Nectar (cameron224)
  • Spoopy (Teams)

    Team Nectar (Effervescent06)
  • Aquaduct

    Team Nectar (Dav105)
  • Mauritius (Teams)

    Community (Krev, Tzuyu, Sphere)
  • Bridges (Teams)

    Team Nectar (supermassimo)
  • Bear Grylls

    Team Nectar (Extremesnow)
  • Domes

    Turtlelord66 + Caro
  • Warcraft (Teams)

    Essej2 + ILyraI
  • Bones

    Team Nectar
  • WildWood

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Ominous Hill (Teams)

    Community Map (WonderfulTime)
  • Cake

    Team Nectar (thunderstryker)
  • Cloudlands (Teams)

    Community Map (GentleKoala)
  • Dynasty (Teams)

    Team Nectar (Sphere, cjeich)
  • Pillars

    Team Nectar (Fowben)
  • Sugar Rush

  • Summerdale

    Team Nectar (cjeich)
  • Violet Keep

    Team Nectar (cjeich)
  • Silent Shores (Teams)

    Team Nectar (cjeich)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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