What's New on The Hive

  • NEW GAME! Snow Wars
  • Festive Hub
  • Snow Wars Tournament
  • Holiday SG Season
  • Much more!

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It wasn't long ago that we released a well received (or so we think)  update to Gravity. We're glad you enjoy it, and we're happy to say we're  not stopping there! This week we're back with another update, this time  for SkyGiants.

  • NEW! Maps
  • NEW! Lobby System & Cosmetics
  • NEW! Ranks + Colour Changes
  • NEW! So much more!

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Thanks for dropping in to read about our latest "love" update to  Gravity! Love updates are small quality of life updates that we give to  games every now and again, packed full of suggestions, bug fixes and  more. Read on for more!

  • NEW! Game Cosmetics
  • NEW! Hardcore Mode
  • NEW! Live Placings & Win Streaks
  • + MORE!

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Another day, another amazing update! (we think so at least) - For those who just want to get the TLDR right away, here it is:

  • New Maps
  • Modern Detective Book/Map
  • Loadout Editor
  • Visual Shop Update
  • Action Menu + Commands
  • Higher End Ranks
  • Bug Fixes! (an essential part of every update!)

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The holidays are coming and we've started to release our Christmas  content! We've got a Christmas game we've worked really hard on, along  with our festive Christmas hub built by the fabulous Team Nectar. Let's  get into it!

  • NEW GAME! Christmas Quest
  • Festive Christmas Hub
  • Seasonal Christmas Maps
  • Hub Snowglobe Hunt for exclusive rewards
  • Christmas LuckyCrates and SALE!

Read the full details here!

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