What's New on The Hive

The holidays are coming and we are buzzing! We know Christmas isn't for a while but we just couldn't hold back anymore. 

  • NEW! Christmas Hub
  • NEW! Game coming really soon!
  • NEW! Festive Maps
  • So much more!

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Today, we're really proud to announce that we're becoming an Official Minecraft Partner! This means we're working directly with Microsoft and Mojang on an exciting new project, The Hive: Bedrock Edition.

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Halloween is now over! That means saying goodbye to our two hugely popular seasonal games! Pumpkinfection saw over 150,000 unique players and Survive the Night passed over 175,000. To those who are sad to see them go, never fear! We plan to release new seasonal games in the future.

  • GRAVITY! Best times saved every map
  • GRAVITY! Map difficulty revamps
  • SKYWARS! Balance Patch + Bug Fixes
  • NEW MAPS! For so many games
  • + Fixes and improvements across many games

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It's been a long time since we have posted about SkyWars. Too long! This weekend we've released a brand new SkyWars version with a lot of things changed and tweaked, plus a brand new mode: Teams of 4. Let's jump straight into the updates!

  • NEW! Teams of 4
  • NEW! Bridge Builders 
  • NEW! Auto Armor Equip
  • NEW! Tracking Compass
  • NEW! Cosmetics (Arrow Trails, Win Celebrations, Death Phrases, Bridge Builder Skins)

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We have just released an awesome update to SkyGiants that keeps the gameplay nice and fresh with things such as new beasts, new maps and new base defenses.

NEW BEAST! Koalos (Enderman)

  • Main Attack: Teleports players around to disorientate
  • Special Attack: Spawns pools of black particles on the floor that, if stood in damage and slow
  • Kill Reward: 2 ender pearls per player on said team

NEW BEAST! Hephaetus (Blaze)

  • Main Attack: Fires out random fireballs
  • Special Attack: Spawns fire on the ground
  • Kill Reward: Fire Resistance

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What is The Hive?

The Hive is a Minecraft PC Server with awesome minigames. We specialise in creating games that are fun for all! We’re one of the largest Minecraft servers in the world with regular updates and new content to show.

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